Food Insecurity In the United States

“There is a silent epidemic happening within our country today, and although the reality can be overwhelming, Meals of Hope and its partners are making definite strides in combating hunger and food insecurity here at home,” says executive director Stephen Popper.

The organization got its start in 2007 when a family friend  asked for Popper’s help shipping food to a poor school in Haiti. Although there was no doubt about this worthwhile endeavor, Popper felt strongly that there was also a need for such efforts closer to home.

So his attention turned to making nutritious meals available within the local communities of Southwest Florida. With the first Food Packing Event taking place in August of that year, Popper and a team of volunteers from a local high school packed 135,000 meals. The feeling was indescribable.

After realizing the positive impact that his Food Packing Events were having  in Southwest Florida, Popper decided to take the successful formula to other communities.  From Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to Ohio, Illinois and Michigan; Meals of Hope has helped feed millions of people.

Meals that Provide Nutrition and Comfort

Meals of Hope food packages*, which are distributed by its accredited food bank partners, offer more than nutrition. To a child who is dealing with the stress and insecurity of not knowing how or when they will receive their next meal,  a comforting bowl of Macaroni and Cheese or Beans and Rice (both fortified with soy protein and 21 vitamins and minerals), provides a bit of hope to carry them through another day.

All meals that are packed by sponsors and volunteers are provided to recipients free of charge through well-established food banks throughout the United States.

 *Patent Pending

Charity Starts at Home

“People want to give back, but they often don’t know where to go or whether their action will make a difference,” says Popper. Meals of Hope has given thousands of volunteer-minded individuals a way to make a positive impact by bringing Food Packing Events to their local churches, schools, associations and other clubs and service organizations.

Sponsors and host organizations find the Meals of Hope Food Packing Events are a great way to engage members while further enhancing their organizations’ relevance within their local communities.
Meals of Hope is a nonprofit 501(c)3, so all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Want to give back, but not sure how to  get started? Contact us today!


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